“King Of Queens” – Playdough

If you only follow my work via this site, this project may have crept up on you. Truthfully, I kept the artist and title completely under wraps until the day before release. Even still, it was really just a couple weeks of preproduction before we filmed and two weeks after that for a release. Needless to say, I didn’t have much time to blog (tease) any of the process. It was an absolute honor to work with Playdough, and I hope it shows how dedicated he is to his art through this clip. Please watch in HD, share it, and pray for me as I get ready to attend the Vegas Cine Fest In just ONE WEEK!

Directed by Jason Frerking
Released September 25, 2012


Playdough’s new album “Writer Dye: Deux or Die” will be available for FREE, October 22, 2012!

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Husband, father, filmmaker, musician, friend.

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