Jason Frerking was born and shaped in Southern California. Raised on hip hop and 8-bit video games, Jason pursued a life of art in almost any form. A world traveler since he was a year old, Jason’s passion for photography grew with every new landscape. His photos have been featured exhibited publicly as well as used for album artwork and print ads. As a musician, Jason has received awards for his audio production, an Orange County Music Award nomination, and has even been the all-time top-selling artist on independent music site IndieBurn. While studying film in college, Jason co-founded the first weekly web series on MySpace, TJ Weekly, running twenty episodes and producing one of the earliest viral parodies: Peelz. Spinning off from TJ Weekly, he helped form comedy troupe The Junk Drawer. Their films, as well as Jason’s own work, have been featured nationwide in festivals, received numerous awards for production and acting, and continue to find new audiences. Combining his love for music and film, he has aimed his efforts at directing music videos to compliment his already-expansive comedy, corporate, and documentary resumé.

Jason currently lives in Anaheim with his beautiful wife Genny, his supermodel daughter Scarlett, dogs Roscoe and Pumpkin, and a cat named Jonas.


Jason has worked with artists, individuals, and organizations – large and small. He has filmed and/or edited for:

  • PayPal
  • Taco Bell
  • City of Anaheim
  • Youth for Christ
  • Cherokee Recording Studios
  • Push Models
  • MusicPlusTV
  • GotMemories
  • SKM Entertainment

and more!

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