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“Insomnia” – The Procussions

I am pleased to announce the official release of my newest music video: “Insomnia” by The Procussions! Last year, I had the pleasure of releasing a music video with Mr. J. Medeiros called “Pale Blue Dot”. When he and his good friend Stro Elliot (who produced the song “Pale Blue Dot” as well as numerous other Mr. J. tracks, songs for Phonte, Deux Process, and more!) decided to reform their group The Procussions, they asked me to come on board for a video again. It just so happened that the song they chose for me was one of my favorites off their new album!  Here is what we came up with! Click play, and then check out their links below!

Directed by Jason Frerking
Released October 21, 2013



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Sneaky Peeky…

Alright folks, I told you I would update you wih any news I had on Mr. J.’s video, so here it goes!  He has officially announced the project: an EP named “Pale Blue Dot.”  The first single, also entitled “Pale Blue Dot” comes out in just under 2 weeks, on February 27th!  He also released the artwork for the single, which features a shot from the video (though flipped horizontally) that I directed!  Check it out:

If you’ve been following him via twitter (@MrJMedeiros) or on Facebook or his site (www.mrjmedeiros.com) you may recognize the shot used.  He recently updated his profile picture and website background to match.

The last word that was given was a March 10th release for the official music video, followed by a remix (which I am extremely excited to hear), and the EP released soon after.  As usual, I’ll keep you updated on any news/changes to release date.  Get ready, I can’t wait for you to hear the song and see what we came up with.  Stay tuned!