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Sneaky Peeky…

Alright folks, I told you I would update you wih any news I had on Mr. J.’s video, so here it goes!  He has officially announced the project: an EP named “Pale Blue Dot.”  The first single, also entitled “Pale Blue Dot” comes out in just under 2 weeks, on February 27th!  He also released the artwork for the single, which features a shot from the video (though flipped horizontally) that I directed!  Check it out:

If you’ve been following him via twitter (@MrJMedeiros) or on Facebook or his site (www.mrjmedeiros.com) you may recognize the shot used.  He recently updated his profile picture and website background to match.

The last word that was given was a March 10th release for the official music video, followed by a remix (which I am extremely excited to hear), and the EP released soon after.  As usual, I’ll keep you updated on any news/changes to release date.  Get ready, I can’t wait for you to hear the song and see what we came up with.  Stay tuned!