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Sneaky Peeky…

Alright folks, I told you I would update you wih any news I had on Mr. J.’s video, so here it goes!  He has officially announced the project: an EP named “Pale Blue Dot.”  The first single, also entitled “Pale Blue Dot” comes out in just under 2 weeks, on February 27th!  He also released the artwork for the single, which features a shot from the video (though flipped horizontally) that I directed!  Check it out:

If you’ve been following him via twitter (@MrJMedeiros) or on Facebook or his site ( you may recognize the shot used.  He recently updated his profile picture and website background to match.

The last word that was given was a March 10th release for the official music video, followed by a remix (which I am extremely excited to hear), and the EP released soon after.  As usual, I’ll keep you updated on any news/changes to release date.  Get ready, I can’t wait for you to hear the song and see what we came up with.  Stay tuned!

The Reveal

So I guess it’s time to officially announce my latest project after letting my blog sit for months in total ambiguity. I just completed a music video for none other than… drum roll…

Mr. J. Medeiros!!!

While I still can’t release a ton of information on the video or song, I will say that it is a brand new single from his upcoming EP, and it’s phenomenal.

When you work in a field that essentially is art, you can pour your heart and soul into what you do; fight with it for days, weeks, or years to perfect it; and still have no idea if other people will understand your vision or be completely turned off from it. Needless to say, when another artist that you admire sees value in what you do, it can open the door to a great collaborative effort. However, when your favorite artist in hip hop today says he wants you to direct his next video, it stirs up two emotions:

  1. Your confidence in your abilities goes up 500% in 5 seconds
  2. One second later, you are overwhelmed with the anxiety that you’ll never be able to live up to their expectations

Happy to say that – apart from a few minor setbacks (I’ll tell you later) – the entire process was a blast, and Mr. J. is a stand-up dude. Honestly, this is one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever been a part of, and I’m incredibly excited for everyone to see it.

In the weeks to come, I’ll keep you updated on the release date and hopefully a few sneak peeks as J. makes them public. In the meantime, have a look at these teaser photos from his Instagram, follow him on Twitter and Instagram @mrjmedeiros, and PLEASE get acquainted with his music on!


Here we go a-scouting…

Today I took a trip to an undisclosed location to scout for an upcoming music video I’m directing. I am ecstatic to be working with this artist, being a HUGE fan for six years or so. This was really the first step of pre-production I have done since getting the green light. After seeing some photos online of the area, ideas for a treatment started forming, but I thought I should actually have a look to see if my vision could possibly be filmed or if I’d have to start from scratch. As vague as I’m known to be, I’ll give you a couple hints as to where I went. I’m in AZ, the artist is in CA, but the location was not in either state. Also, here is a photo I took at one the spots.


I’m terrible, I know. I will let out ACTUAL details when I feel at liberty to do so. I have another location in mind and am waiting to hear back from the owners. That one is a bit closer to home. So far, things are shaping up, and I’m excited to get to work. Hopefully you will see a finished video by the end of the year!