Sunday Afternoon Timelapse

This is just a quick timelapse shot on my Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Lapse It Pro app.

I just love cloud formations, and the skies had been rather clear recently. When I saw some nice clouds in the sky, I decided to set up the phone and see what I captured. The block was pretty quite that hour, minus a man in his garage, but it’s all about what’s happening above the rooftops. Another cool feature is the shadow of the street light that works as a sun dial.

About an hour of footage, one frame taken every five seconds, played back at 30 frames per second. No sound. Straight out of the phone and onto YouTube.


If you’re interested in this stuff, you can have a look at the very first timelapse I ever did (also with clouds) on my very first trip to the Grand Canyon! This one was done on my Canon XH-A1 and the was the first thing I ever made public in HD. To do this, I filmed for 15 minutes straight and sped up 3500%! ENJOY!


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