We’re Goin’ to VEGAS, Baby!

That’s right! The music video I directed for Mr. J. Medeiros’ “Pale Blue Dot” is an official selection at the Vegas Cine Fest International Film Festival! This year, the annual fest will be held at the gorgeous Palms Casino and Resort from October 3rd-6th, 2012! Over 120 short films, feature films, documentaries, animations, and music videos will be shown over the course of 4 days at the resort, including ours!

I’m super-excited to be a part of this. Truthfully, I’ve never been in such a large festival before, so I don’t exactly know what to expect. I’m looking forward to taking in all sorts of films, hearing from other filmmakers about their process, and – hopefully – enjoying some Vegas night life with my wife WITHOUT the munchkin in tow (potentially the most exciting part)!

If you’re in Vegas or think you might want to take a trip and share in the experience, tickets and other information can be found at www.vegascinefest.com! They are updating the site a lot right now, and hopefully will have the official schedule posted in the next few days.

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