Here we go a-scouting…

Today I took a trip to an undisclosed location to scout for an upcoming music video I’m directing. I am ecstatic to be working with this artist, being a HUGE fan for six years or so. This was really the first step of pre-production I have done since getting the green light. After seeing some photos online of the area, ideas for a treatment started forming, but I thought I should actually have a look to see if my vision could possibly be filmed or if I’d have to start from scratch. As vague as I’m known to be, I’ll give you a couple hints as to where I went. I’m in AZ, the artist is in CA, but the location was not in either state. Also, here is a photo I took at one the spots.


I’m terrible, I know. I will let out ACTUAL details when I feel at liberty to do so. I have another location in mind and am waiting to hear back from the owners. That one is a bit closer to home. So far, things are shaping up, and I’m excited to get to work. Hopefully you will see a finished video by the end of the year!

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